Solynta and Regenz partner to bring hybrid potatoes to South Africa

South African seed potato producer RegenZ and European hybrid potato seed innovator Solynta announced today a partnership to bring hybrid true potatoes to the South African farming community.

Solynta Young Talent Wins 2022 University Fund Wageningen Reward

Solynta team member Ernst-Jan Eggers, Trait Discovery Researcher was awarded the 2022 University Fund Wageningen reward. The prize is awarded to a…

Solynta and Incotec Announce Partnership

Partners in optimizing Performance of Hybrid True Potato Seeds

Solynta and Incotec Announce Partnership to Optimize Performance of Hybrid True Potato Seeds

Wageningen / Enkhuizen, May 16, 2022 – Hybrid potato innovator Solynta and seed enhancement company Incotec announced at the International…

Crucial factors for the feasibility of commercial hybrid breeding in food crops

Abstract: There is an ongoing societal debate about plant breeding systems and their impact on stakeholders in food systems. Hybrid…

Solynta and Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) Expand Collaboration

Solynta and the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) announced today an exciting expansion in their collaboration. Nutritious…

Optimal plot dimensions for performance testing of hybrid potato in the field

Field trials are incredibly important at Solynta. What plot dimension facilitates these trials best? Abstract: Field trials to evaluate the…

Crop Cycle Length Determines Optimal Transplanting Date for Seedlings from Hybrid True Potato Seeds

Plant density is an important factor in tuber yields from True Potato Seed. These field trials examine the effects of densities on various soils and for various potato varieties.

The Benefits of Solynta’s hybrid potato breeding

An explanation of the benefits of Hybrid Potato breeding.