Peter Poortinga appointed as CEO of Solynta

Appointment marks the company’s progress on worldwide commercial introduction of its hybrid true potato seed. Wageningen, The Netherlands, September 14,…

Potato Podcast August 30, 2023

Listen to this US-based Podcast on Solynta’s hybrid potato breeding

Solynta Triumphs at the 2023 AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Solynta has emerged as the recipient of the coveted “Overall Food Quality Solution of the Year” award at the 2023 AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Efficient Genomic Prediction of Yield and Dry Matter in Hybrid Potato

These results suggest that genomically estimated breeding values on parental lines are sufficient for hybrid yield prediction. There is an…

Interview with Authority Magazine with Charles Miller

Interview with Charles Miller on the potential of agricultural technology to support food security and farmers worldwide.

Solynta true potato seeds

BLOG: Sowing a More Collaborative Seed Industry 

In this BLOG, Charles Miller shares his views on the importance of collaboration within the Seed Industry  

Clean Agriculture Podcast

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Interview European Seed with Charles Miller on the advantages of Hybrid Potato Breeding

Interview with Charles Miller on ISF 2023 on the advantages of hybrid potato breeding

Farms. Food. Future. podcast

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Shedding light on a hot topic: tuberization in potato

These findings will help breed for heat tolerant varieties and optimize growing conditions for tuber production in indoor farming systems….