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Our hybrid true potato seeds represent a revolutionary application of existing technology. At Solynta, we believe in the power of hybrid potatoes to support farmers’ livelihoods, reduce environmental pollution, and feed the planet. They’re part of a global agtech movement including AI, supply chain management tools and plant-based protein.  

Solynta’s Director of Strategic Alliances and Developments, Charles Miller, joined Authority Magazine for an interview on his journey in the Ag Tech industry and the transformative technologies revolutionizing agriculture.  

Global progress requires a global effort. Companies can make a significant impact by building local relationships and collaborating with stakeholders. Charles believes that success in Ag Tech relies on teamwork, alignment of values, and strong partnerships across the entire value chain. Solynta accomplishes this through partnerships with local organizations like PepsiCo, Incotec, FreshCrop, Royal Avebe, and more.  

Charles advocates for sustainable agriculture practices and climate change mitigation; innovative technologies contribute to these goals. For instance, Solynta's hybrid breeding technology for potatoes enables enhanced disease and pest resistance, promoting sustainable farming practices and improving crop yields. 

Charles also discusses the challenges of integrating these technologies into existing farming practices, where science-based regulations and accessible clean starting material are essential. Solynta aims to foster collaboration in these areas by participating in industry associations like the African Seed Trade Association.  

Above all, Charles is passionate about seed security. High-quality seed, like Solynta’s HTPS, are essential for food security. Through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on seed security, the industry can make a positive and sustainable impact on the world's food production and security. 

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