Together, we will unlock the true potential of potatoes

Our true seed is a game-changer, with the potential to dramatically improve the world's 3th food crop: the potato.

Our clear value proposition: better, faster and cheaper!

Our technology resolves two major drawbacks in the potato industry:

Lack of healthy starting material – we resolve this issue by using sexual multiplication instead of cloning; resulting in clean true potato seeds. Advantages:

  • Replace 2500kg tubers with 25 grams of true seed
  • Allow supply chain to scale-up manifold faster

Leading varieties have shown very little genetic gains in last century - With hybrid breeding technology, crossing results are predictable and trait stacking possible.

  • We develop new varieties in 2-5 years versus 20+ years
  • Targeted breeding for desired traits without using GMO

Feeding the world, sustainably

Doing more with less: enabling organic and low-input farming

  • Sustainable agriculture: Dramatic reduction of emissions and agricultural chemicals, enable large scale organic agriculture, link up with EU farm-to-fork strategy
  • Improve food security where it is most needed : Potato is a key global staple & cash crop; Solynta reduces yield gaps and farmer income risks caused by plagues and diseases.

We want to change the world for the better.

Unique, defendable competitive advantage!

Because of our technology, we have a unique and defendable competitive advantage in the global potato market

  • We have a 10 year head-start on our competitors. We are the global leaders in hybrid potato breeding.
  • We have a strong IP portfolio, with patents in several large potato markets.
  • No risk of substitution, as our technology is non-GMO.
Seedlings from Hybrid true seed by Solynta
(c)Solynta harvest in Africa

Large, uncontested market space

  • We currently address a €15B+ value opportunity in one of the world’s largest crops. Total retail value of potato products worldwide is estimated at more than 400B. Our trait pipeline holds billions in additional value potential.
  • Fragmented market with no major incumbent – no dominant competitors, no presence of Big Ag. This offers a unique opportunity!

Company snapshot


First mover in developing hybrid potato breeding technology (start 2006).


Competitive advantage: creating and sustaining superior performance by leading technical and biological platform.


Rooted in strong knowledge base and IP position with patented technology.


Management with 100+ years joint experience in leading seed companies


Commercial launch in 2023