Clean, Disease Free True Potato Seeds with Superior traits

The potato produces more nutritious food, more quickly, with less water in harsher climates than any other major crop. Solynta is the first to successfully breed hybrid potatoes from true seeds. We believe our non-GMO hybrid breeding technology from true seed can help relieve food insecurity and positively contribute to today’s global challenges such as water shortage, climate change and population growth. The Solynta Team develops hybrid potato varieties with superior traits and performance at a speed that is faster than can be achieved by traditional breeding. This revolution also provides huge logistical and phytosanitary advantages. Together, we are Unlocking the True Potential of Potatoes.

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Our disruptive technology

The successful application of hybrid breeding allows for the use of True Potato Seeds or TPS. This revolution in breeding not only greatly enhances the speed of product development but also provides huge logistical and phytosanitary advantages. Although people have been breeding new potato varieties for centuries, the ability to use hybrid breeding is something which many believed would not be possible. Together, the persistent team of Researchers, Breeders, Agronomists and many more at Solynta have Unlocked the True Potential of Potatoes.


Advantages of Solynta's True Potato Seed

Using True Potato Seed (TPS) instead of tubers offers many advantages. True seeds are clean and disease-free, making it excellent starting material. Production of TPS is not dependent on the growing season, allowing year-round availability. Each seed produces one new potato plant with offspring that has predictable, desired characteristics. True seeds also offer many advantages in distribution and storage, making it possible to grow a plentiful potato yield in every corner of the world. Additionally, seed is incredibly fast scalable: one true potato seed can yield up to 25 million pristine seed copies a year.


Advantages of hybrid breeding

Our non-GMO breeding technology makes breeding a new variety much faster than ever before. Hybrid breeding delivers a predictable and continuous flow of improved products, while historically traditional potato breeding has made limited advancement. Our targeted breeding technology allows us to cross-breed for new varieties that have enhanced pest and disease resistances and that are adapted to harsher climates, making potatoes a suitable crop for multiple climates zones. Other characteristics, such as taste, color, texture, cooking time and more can be quickly adjusted to meet changing consumer demands.

Solynta's solutions for the potato value chain



  • Efficient water use
  • Resilience to climate change
  • Fast variety improvement
  • Reduced chemical use


  • Year round worldwide supply of seed
  • Reduced chemical use
  • Better pest and disease resistance
  • Fast variety improvement


  • Efficient distribution
  • Storage capacity


  • Efficient water use
  • Resilience to climate change


  • Plenty and predictable availability of nutritious food

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