Impact of hybrid potato from a systems perspective

The future of hybrid potato from a systems perspective

Agronomic consequences of growing field-transplanted hybrid potato seedlings

The introduction and utilization of the field transplanting system will be accelerated when hybrid breeding focuses on introgression of traits…

How could hybrid true potato seed foster development in potato sectors in East Africa

Hybrid true potato seed (HTPS) holds the promise to foster development in potato sectors in East-Africa. Abstract: Hybrid true potato…

Responsible Innovation in Plant Breeding: The Case of Hybrid Potato Breeding

As an emerging innovation, hybrid potato breeding raises high expectations about faster variety development and clean true potato seed as…

Solynta and PepsiCo Join Forces to Empower Ethiopian Potato Farmers with Hybrid Potato Seed Technology

In line with the Ethiopia-Netherlands Seed Partnership, the collaboration will support small holder farmers with high-quality starting material to drive…

Solynta corporate video

  This video is the corporate movie of Solynta hybrid true potato breeding. In the movie, you will see an…

Solynta and Freshcrop sign hybrid potato collaboration agreement in Kenya

Wageningen (The Netherlands), Nakuru (Kenya), February 2nd, 2023. Solynta – hybrid potato breeding technology company from The Netherlands and FreshCrop Limited, Kenya’s largest producer of seed tubers, have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of hybrid true potato innovation in Kenya.

Mlango Farm, Kenya: innovation in organic farming

On a warm January day, Mlango Farm greets us with rows of neatly arranged vegetable plants stretching toward the sky….

Converting Hybrid Potato Breeding Science into Practice

Definition and discussion of recent research. How can we apply research outcomes at Solynta?

Joost van Regteren Joins Solynta as Chief Commercial Officer

Appointment strengthens Solynta’s Executive Team to lead worldwide commercial introduction of its hybrid true potato seed technology. Wageningen (The Netherlands),…