Potato Podcast August 30, 2023

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In this edition of the Potato Podcast, our Director of Strategic Alliances and Development Charles Miller joined host Dave Alexander for a discussion on the advantages of Solynta’s hybrid breeding activities and development of new hybrid potato varieties. In this edition, the basics of non-GMO hybrid potato breeding is explained.

They explored Solynta’s revolutionary new technology platform and its ability to quickly breed new, robust hybrid varieties in a fraction of traditional potato breeding time. Robustness is necessary in the potato industry to fight back potato diseases and pests and reduce the use of agricultural chemicals. Charles Miller also explains the possible implications and opportunities for commercial potato growers in the United States.

Tune in to the full episode here: https://potatocountry.com/2023/08/30/episode-43-what-are-hybrid-potatoes-and-will-they-be-on-your-farm/