Hilling of Transplanted Seedlings from Novel Hybrid True Potato Seeds Does Not Enhance Tuber Yield but Can Affect Tuber Size Distribution

Abstract:A novel cropping system for potato was tested for two consecutive years under normal Dutch agronomic conditions. Seedlings from two…

Augmented descriptions of growth and development stages of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) grown from different types of planting material

Abstract:The recent invention of hybrid breeding technology for potato has led to an increased interest in hybrid potato R&D. Hybrid…

Innovation and the commons: lessons from the governance of genetic resources in potato breeding

Abstract: This article explores the relation between innovation and resources that are governed as commons by looking at the governance…

Solyntus, the New Highly Contiguous Reference Genome for Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

¬†Abstract: With the rapid expansion of the application of genomics and sequencing in plant breeding, there is a constant drive…

QTL detection in a pedigreed breeding population of diploid potato

The future of hybrid potato from a systems perspective

How Solynta unlocks the true potential of potatoes

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Solynta hybrid potato explained

In this video, we explain what hybrid potato’s are and how this can positively impact world’s food supply.

The Continuous Growth of Solynta Requires a System like ABS Seed to Help Manage Our Supply Chain

The selection procedure for an ERP solution started around the end of 2018. Solynta compared various solutions known both within…

Solynta Together with Seed Processing Holland Optimize HTPS Extraction

In March of 2020 Solynta ordered the EMM-2001, a True Potato Seed Extraction Machine from Seed Processing Holland. After a…

CEO Hein Kruyt interviewed by the Gelderlander

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