Solynta hybrid potato explained

In this video, we explain what hybrid potato’s are and how this can positively impact world’s food supply.

The Continuous Growth of Solynta Requires a System like ABS Seed to Help Manage Our Supply Chain

The selection procedure for an ERP solution started around the end of 2018. Solynta compared various solutions known both within…

Solynta Together with Seed Processing Holland Optimize HTPS Extraction

In March of 2020 Solynta ordered the EMM-2001, a True Potato Seed Extraction Machine from Seed Processing Holland. After a…

CEO Hein Kruyt interviewed by the Gelderlander

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First Successful Hybrid True Potato Seed (HTPS) Trial of Solynta and Solidaridad in Mozambique Shows Great Potential

A first pilot using True Potato Seed (TPS) in Angonia District, Tete province in Mozambique, conducted by Solidaridad and Solynta…

Viola Potatis Affärstidningen för Potatisbranschen

Diploid hybridpotatis ett steg närmare Ett nytt fältförsök visar att sorter av hybridpotatis kan ge lika hög skörd som dagens…

Webinar Hybrid Breeding and Hybrid True Potato Seeds

CEO Hein Kruyt at World Potato Congress, Ireland, 2021

Contribution and Stability of Yield Components of Diploid Hybrid Potato

The introduction and utilization of the field transplanting system will be accelerated when hybrid breeding focuses on introgression of traits…

De aardappel heeft de toekomst

As an emerging innovation, hybrid potato breeding raises high expectations about faster variety development and clean true potato seed as…

The New Times: Rwanda Pilots ‘Revolutionary’ Potato Seeds

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