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Max Roelofs, Research Technician

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As a Research Technician, I am actually concerned with the practical side of research. That involves the maintenance of the plants, but also of emasculating and cross-breeding. A lot of data also has to be collected that then will be passed on to the researchers. The work is quite comparable to that of Greenhouse Technician, my previous occupation at Solynta, but as part of research, the focus is more on special issues. For example, research on new properties in the potato plant. To this end, we conduct tests with special seed treatments.

My daily work
The research questions are brought forward by the researchers. Together, we discuss the best approach, make a plan, and then we ensure that it is implemented. With a relatively small team, we actually work in our own section in the greenhouse, where the different populations and genotypes are located. I spend most of my working days there, although I often start the day in the climate cells. It's practical work, you're busy all the time. I like that, just like the work’s variety.

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Opportunity to grow
I have been working at Solynta for two years now, but only recently in this position. Actually, I was ready for a new step. I find the research very interesting, and I also wanted to learn more about the theoretical side of it. Luckily, I got that opportunity with this role. The interaction with researchers is fun, I get to know a lot of new things, and it's a great step to grow within the company.


This work also gives me even more insight into what Solynta does, I realize more and more how special this company is. We are working on the food of the future. That is revolutionary, and therefore you never know exactly what you will encounter. Very special things happen, and we achieve great results. As a result, I also see what I contributed to, which gives me great satisfaction. It is very special to be a part of this.

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