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Martina Pohlmann, Product Specialist

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I grew up on an arable farm in Germany and helped on the farm from an early age. I love working outside and working with plants. We work on food supply, on what is really needed in the world. Solynta is also a growing company that you can fully contribute to. There is a lot of room to make your own contribution and to bring in ideas.

My daily work 

At Solynta I work in the Product Management team as a Product Specialist. I translate the questions and challenges from customers to my colleagues, and vice versa. Because we are working on a completely new way of growing potatoes, our partners and customers often run into questions. I make sure that we get to work on this, for example by training our partners and setting up protocols. I am the spider in the web: I work a lot with commercial colleagues, agronomists, product developers and external partners


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(c)Solynta Martina1 sm

Why this job is different
I like going abroad to gain knowledge with clients and at conferences. I take knowledge about what is going on and new developments in the market back to Wageningen. We use that to improve our products. The seasons provide a lot of variety. In the winter I spend more time researching, learning about the market and preparing for the season. In the spring and summer I spend a lot of time in the field, both of Solynta and of customers, to see how our potatoes and our work processes are developing.


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