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Julia Stockem, Junior Program Scientist Agronomy

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As a Program Scientist, I work together with 4 researchers on improving and accelerating the potato seed breeding process. Every summer we set up many tests for this. My role is to set the annual goals and research questions. We work closely with the agronomy team for the trials, they are even more involved in the field, although I can also be found there regularly to see how the plants are doing. When the data is collected, I help to draw conclusions and we look at how we can share the results.

My daily work
After obtaining my Master's degree in Biology in 2015, I immediately started working at Solynta in field research. I set up trials and ensured proper propagation of the potato plants. After that I worked on the production of seed, more in the greenhouse. And now as a Program Scientist in the agronomy program.


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The cooperation with the team, and also with the other colleagues at Solynta, is very nice. Because we are working on new things, we need each other to move forward. We don't hesitate to help each other and ask for help, we really do it together. Because we are growing so fast as an organization, and the development of the breeding program is going so fast, no year is the same! It is very cool to see how we can apply the research from one year to the next. I also think it's great to have a substantive impact on the global food system.

Combining work with study
I combine my work at Solynta with a PhD in potato agronomy. So I also regularly spend a day writing for my publications, about the research we do at Solynta. So that comes together very nicely! Solynta has offered me this PhD, and I will also be given the space and time needed for this. This way I can contribute to Solynta's research, and I can also continue to develop my own specialism.”


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