"Working at Solynta is exciting and challenging."

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Sjoerd van de Laak, Cell Biology Technician

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What makes working at Solynta so enjoyable for me is that we are all working towards a higher goal and the outcome is unknown to some extent. The work we do here is so innovative that not much is known about it yet. We regularly try out new things and sometimes I am surprised by the outcome. That is what makes this job so exciting and challenging. Especially since we are working together on such an important mission. The worldwide potential of potato seed is so great, you can talk about it for hours

I have been working at Solynta for over three years now, as a Cell Biology Technician. With a team of about five colleagues, we ensure that other departments have the genetic material they need. We ensure that all the genotypes we have built are preserved by taking cuttings and growing them in a clean environment in the lab, ready to go to the greenhouse if they are needed for research. Sometimes colleagues need material that we don't have yet, so we request it from WUR, for example, and we ensure that the plants can enter the greenhouse clean and disease-free after a quarantine period. Our department is a research and service department, which ensures that we make a better end product together.

(c)Solynta Sjoerd4
(c) Solynta Sjoerd3

My work mainly takes place in the cell biology laboratory and occasionally also in the greenhouses. I like the work, but I think the colleagues are just as important. Sometimes we work in a team and sometimes you work independently on a project, but always in a pleasant atmosphere. When I started my job I mainly worked within my own team, but we recently adjusted the division of roles within the team. As a result, my position has expanded somewhat, I am now also responsible for the service to other departments. That entails a responsibility, other parts of the company are partly dependent on me. It gives a kick when colleagues are happy with the plant material we supply them. This position gives me the opportunity to develop myself as a person and as a colleague. Taking responsibility in this fun and challenging job ensures that my development progresses with great strides.

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