"The best thing about my job is the adventure of finding the solution with my team.”

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Xarain van Os, Business Developer Europe

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At Solynta there are always a lot of interesting things to do with a lot of challenges!  I love being creative with new things. In the seven years that I have worked at Solynta, I have worked in various business units. I started as a Junior Plant Physiologist, then as an Agronomist I started working more project-based and internationally, and I have been a business developer for over two years now. Because our products are still so new, much of our work consists of building new business relationships and the associated business models in which our hybrid potato seed provides added value. This can be done directly from seed, plant or from propagating material. That differs per customer and per country, because the wishes and circumstances are different everywhere.

A day as a business developer is never the same. I make contact with potential partners and customers, and I support existing partners with advice. Visiting trade fairs is also important, and doing our own research on how to build a successful business model. For this we look at the market, but also especially at our current customers, their needs and at how we can support them through research and products. Of course there is not always a ready-made solution or unexpected things happen. But it is precisely these uncertainties that motivate me to keep looking creatively for new solutions. That's fun, and it really feels like doing business.

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(c)Solynta Xarain1

We have a wonderful innovation in our hands. The challenge for our team is to scale up this groundbreaking development to a global level. This can be done in many ways, and the challenge lies in finding the right solution for the right customer group. The best thing about my job is the adventure of finding the solution with my team. It is fascinating to grow in strategic insight, to build a team, and to set goals yourself. There are no beaten paths, you are given the freedom and responsibility to build good relationships and to transfer the right value propositions of our potato seed to potential customers. I'm sure: Hybrid potato is the future!

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