Converting Hybrid Potato Breeding Science into Practice

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Definition and discussion of recent research. How can we apply research outcomes at Solynta?

Research on diploid hybrid potato has made fast advances in recent years. In this review we give an overview of the most recent and relevant research outcomes. We define different components needed for a complete hybrid program: inbred line development, hybrid evaluation, cropping systems and variety registration. For each of these components the important research results are discussed and the outcomes and issues that merit further study are identified. We connect fundamental and applied research to application in a breeding program, based on the experiences at the breeding company Solynta. In the concluding remarks, we set hybrid breeding in a societal perspective, and we identify bottlenecks that need to be overcome to allow successful adoption of hybrid potato.


Michiel E. de Vries, James R. Adams, Ernst-jan Eggers, Su Ying, Julia E. Stockem, Olivia C. Kacheyo, Luuk C. M. van Dijk, Pawan Khera, Christian W. Bachem, Pim Lindhout and Edwin A. G. van der Vossen

Link: https://www.mdpi.com/2223-7747/12/2/230