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Adjustment of logo underlines the company’s shift to new commercial chapter as the leading provider of true potato seeds.      

Wageningen, The Netherlands, March 18, 2024 — Solynta, the Dutch company that specializes in the development, production and sales of hybrid true potato seed, announced today that it will adjust its branding to ‘Solynta – true potato seed’. This rebranding is part of the new market-driven strategy of the company.

Solynta is known as the inventor of hybrid potato breeding technology, which will enable farmers to successfully grow potatoes with desirable traits from true seeds. This innovation offers a large range of advantages compared to the traditional shipping, storage and growing practices when dealing with seed tubers. Additionally, it allows for the production of new hybrid potato varieties with enhanced disease resistances. With worldwide patents, the company is the frontrunner in hybrid potato breeding. In the last 14 months, Solynta has brought aboard CEO Peter Poortinga (formerly CEO of €3 billion multinational Plukon Food Group) and Chief Commercial Officer Joost van Regteren (formerly Head of Market Development EMEA/APAC and Vice President for Bayer Vegetable Seeds). In their tenure, Solynta has expanded its field trials and partnerships significantly. The company is active in 40 countries, including Kenya, Central Europe, Egypt, Namibia, Ireland, Ethiopia (with Pepsico), and South Africa, working with farmers, distributors and major processing companies to make hybrid potatoes - and the true potato seeds they are grown from - more accessible to farmers and consumers.

“Building on years of research by our world-class R&D department in the Netherlands, our rigorous field-testing across five continents with major partners has shown us with certainty that there’s a huge demand for more reliable, economical and secure starting material for potato farmers anywhere in the world.”, says Joost van Regteren, CCO of Solynta. ‘We are long-known as a research leader in hybrid potato breeding. Our efforts in breeding new non-GMO hybrid potato varieties will certainly continue. But in the meantime, we have been intensifying the down-stream activities of our company. We are working closely with farmers, distributors and world-renowned corporates, and continuously testing our latest varieties in the fields, with very positive results. Our new varieties are based on the requirements from within the markets that we aim to serve. As a result, we are more customer focused than ever. Being the frontrunner in hybrid true potato seed development and production, we want to be recognized as the number one true potato seed company in the world. With this shift from a breeding company to a market-driven seed company, we also feel it’s the right time to show the world by adapting our logo to the current situation.

In the meantime, Solynta’s mission remains solid. ‘We are still dedicated to make a positive contribution to potato growers and to world food security. With our new robust hybrid potato varieties, we will help create a more sustainable potato value chain. These varieties can naturally withstand diseases, pests and the consequences of climate change. Delivering these varieties in the form of true potato seeds, we provide clean and disease-free sustainable starting material for potato growers around the world.’, he concludes.

Logo change:

Following the commercialization of the company, the company will change its logo as shown below:

About Solynta 

Solynta is a Dutch seed company specializing in true potato seeds. Solynta’s mission is to help address global food insecurity by giving potato farmers the resources to grow more economical, robust and climate-resilient potato varieties. Solynta’s non-GMO, true potato seeds are the result of more than a decade of research and development in hybrid breeding. To learn more about their mission to unlock the true potential of potatoes, visit www.solynta.com.


About True Potato Seeds

The ability to grow potato crops from true potato seeds, instead of only from seed tubers offers significant advantages to the potato industry. Seed tubers are more likely to carry disease or spoil in transit, and are more expensive to transport and store. Solynta’s true potato seeds are clean and disease-free, offering many advantages to the traditional starting materials used in potato growing. True potato seeds also have a shelf life of many years, and are much smaller and economical to transport and store. Additionally, true potato seeds are available year-round.

Key facts and statistics:

  • Farmers only need 25 grams of clean and disease-free true potato seeds from Solynta to start a potato crop, compared to the 2500 kgs of perishable seed tubers previously required.
  • Through non-GMO hybrid breeding, true potato seeds feature beneficial natural traits like disease resistances - limiting the need for pesticide use - and are more robust against the impact of climate change.

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