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Charles Miller recently joined Tim Hammerich on the Farm of the Future radio show, discussing Solynta | hybrid potato breeding's innovative approach to revolutionizing potato breeding. What followed, was an engaging conversation on how hybrid potato seeds can secure our food system and promote sustainability.

Everything was covered: from the science of hybridization to the tangible impacts on global agriculture and food security—a must-listen for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of agtech and the future of farming.

Please tune in to discover how we're planting the seeds for a greener tomorrow.

Part one of the Podcast is published here: https://www.aginfo.net/report/58123/Farm-of-the-Future/Hybrid-Potatoes-Part-One

Part two of the Podcast is available here: https://www.aginfo.net/report/58124/Farm-of-the-Future/Hybrid-Potatoes-Part-Two