Who we are

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Together, the persistent team of Researchers, Breeders, Agronomists and many more at Solynta, have unlocked the True Potential of Potatoes. Our success comes from working hard with a can-do mentality, never giving up, and striving to accomplish what others may say is impossible. But life at Solynta is more than work alone. We make time to engage with each other, have fun, develop ourselves, build meaningful relationships and support a worklife balance which supports the well-being of our people.

Meaningful work

With climate change negatively impacting agriculture and food production, and the increase of the human population, thinking ahead to ensure food security is critical. Our people believe in making a difference. Solynta brings together people who believe in making a difference and are determined to drive sustainable improvements in world food security by unlocking the true potential of potato.

We provide game changing innovations that enable the development of potato hybrids, leading to sustainable potato yields worldwide, enhancing the livelihood of producers around the globe.

Working environment

Our organization is dynamic, informal with an entrepreneurial mind-set that promotes creativity, self-initiative, support where needed, integrity, and mutual respect.


The Values and Beliefs that drive us daily:

PROUD Take responsibility for your own work, your knowledge and ideas, and receive in exchange appreciation, respect and prestige.

INNOVATIVE Go for better AND different, not for beaten paths. Be original and state of the art. Continue to develop and be open minded to new ideas.

TOGETHER It is the collective’s action, together with your colleagues and partners that leads to the best results. OUR strength is in collaboration.

CHALLENGE Every idea, every spark is valuable; do not let yourself be impressed by present power or knowledge, speak up.

HUMBLE Stay fair and modest when it comes to personal contribution; Put your work in the spotlight, not your own personal gain.

Diversity and inclusion

“At Solynta , we aim to pilar an inclusive work environment, and we will not tolerate racism, discrimination or harassment of any kind. We offer equal employment opportunity ensuring policies that create a healthy and productive workplace. Everyone should feel supported and valued to work productively. We are invested in treating everyone with respect and consideration, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and social or economic background.”

Hein Kruyt – CEO & Founder

Competitive compensation

We offer competitive compensation with opportunities for career and personal growth.

Leadership team

Hein Kruyt
CEO & Founder

Johan Trouw
Supply Chain Director & Founder

Charles Miller
Commercial Director

Edwin van der Vossen
R&D Director

Jan Geschiere