Contribution and Stability of Yield Components of Diploid Hybrid Potato

Our researchers have shown that it is possible to obtain results for important traits such as yield, shape and dry matter that are comparable to commercial checks, while using experimental hybrids that were never before grown in an open field. In addition, they show that variation between fields for our hybrids is comparable to commercial checks. The study tries to demonstrate that even at this stage of the technology development the performance of the best diploid hybrid potato genotypes already comes close to existing tetraploid cultivars. Field experiments have been carried out with a large number of genotypes in several contrasting environments, in order to quantify GxE, but also to assess the contribution and stability of yield components of diploid hybrid potato genotypes.

The take-home messages are:

  1. There is potential in hybrid breeding of diploids.
  2. Choosing between the benefits of polyploidy and heterosis is not easy but in the future, after more progress has been made in hybrid breeding, it might well be that we should opt for heterosis.

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