The Future is at Your Fingertips

Breeding Manager (c)Solynta

A rare opportunity to contribute to a food revolution


Pawan Khera
Breeding manager

(c)Solynta Maike6 sm

It's great to be able to contribute to a better food supply

Maike Janssen
Greenhouse Technician

(c)Solynta - Julia6 sm

We're making impact on the worldwide food system

Julia Stockem
Junior Program Scientist Agronomy

Seed Tuber Production Specialist

We are looking for a production talent with an innovative view on crop production and global organizational processes.

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Vacancy Greenhouse Technician

We are looking for an experienced Greenhouse Technician who will be responsible for sowing, emasculating and watering of our plants and all other activities involved in plant growing.

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Research Technician

We are looking for a Research Technician who will ensure that research projects in greenhouses and climate cells are carried out properly.

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We’re looking for a Controller who will be responsible for Solynta’s financial reporting and budgeting and who will lead the Finance team.

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Open application

We support new initiatives. So, if you would like to come and work at Solynta, but don't see your future job posted in the list above? Try an open application for your dream job at Solynta and fill in the form.


Are you looking for an interesting and challenging internship at a company that is focussed on developing new sustainable food systems through revolutionary potato breeding technology? Look no further and apply at Solynta!

Working at Solynta

Our colleagues have a passion for innovation and sustainable horticulture and arable farming, are enthusiastic and enjoy working together to achieve success. We work in a no-nonsense culture, in which we are driven to tackle the major challenges in the field of food security. That is why we work hard every day to improve the worldwide availability of strong potato varieties. Together we work in an environment that supports the development of our people and that provides space to get started with your new ideas. We think it is important that everyone enjoys going to work every day. At Solynta, people who are driven, each within their own field, work to make a difference.

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Your personal development

When you work at Solynta you get plenty of room to develop personally. Together we look at what you need to keep growing.

Working in our team

Solynta is a relatively small company. That's why everyone's input matters. And cooperation, helpfulness and commitment to each other are high on the agenda. Our goal to have a positive impact on the potato chain connects us, whatever our background and education. We are all excited to make a difference and to develop, produce and sell fantastic new potato varieties from true seed worldwide.

Facts & Figures


100 employees


55% male, 45% female


⅓ R&D, ⅓ Breeding, Agronomy & Greenhouse, ⅓ Commercial & Support


Average age: 42